Fasciamaster No. 4 Multifunctional Triggerpoint Tool

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Fascia Master No 4 is a multifunctional tool for both professionals and beginners in IASTM.

Material: medical steel
Height: 133 mm Weight: 204 grams
Grip diameter: 31 mm


Fascia Master, no 4 is a multifunctional tool for identifying and treating muscle trigger points. It is ideal for the beginning therapist and one of our best-selling items as it is ergonomically designed to rest easily in your hand.

All Trigger Sticks are made from aluminium.

Fascia Master triggerstick for triggerpoints is a powerful IASTM tool (Faszien tool) and for myofascial release.


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Weight 0,204 kg
Dimensions 13 × 3,1 × 1,2 cm



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