FasciaMaster No 2.1 (Liquify the Fascia)

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LF stick

Description :

Fascia Master N02-Liquefy Fascia Stick
Material: medical steel
Height: 133 mm Weight: 118 grams
Grip diameter: 9 mm


FasciaMaster No 2.1 is an improvement of No 2.0. It is shorter than the No.2.0 and has a better grip. With a rough surface, making it easier for physiotherapists to make short quick movements on the spot that helps “liquify fascia” (LF). Due to its ergonomic design, it’s easy to grip, and the tool is sturdy without being too light. The Fascia Master stick is made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel.

Fascia Master offers Fascia Integration Therapy, where practitioners learn to assess and treat clients using fascia techniques. Ernst van der Wijk calls the Liquefy Fascia Stick his “magic wand.” It’s that effective!

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Weight 0,118 kg
Dimensions 13,3 × 1,5 × 9 cm


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